Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is commonly defined as „The responsibility of enterprises for their impact on society“. Besides environmental issues, CSR involves the respect for and compliance with Human Rights, social and labor standards in global supply and value chains.

CSR-regulations obliging companies to respect and protect labor standards and Human Rights in their worldwide operations, independently of their liability under national corporate law, have become increasingly binding. As a result, businesses are expected to conduct a Human Rights Due Diligence, making Human Rights a compliance issue. CSR-matters also play an increasingly important role in company-reporting and public award decisions.

I advise businesses, organizations, non-profits and individuals in this burgeoning field of law. Along with my legal expertise on the risks and opportunities related to human rights, I have developed a high cultural sensitivity towards a variety of stakeholders through my international experience in production countries.

Beyond corporate responsibility arising from Human Rights obligations, another focus of my work is the corporate responsibility deriving from criminal and administrative sanctions law.