Selected Lectures and Presentations

Ethical Fashion Show, Berlin Fashion Week, Q&A on the documentary „The True Cost“, 7 July 2015

‘Legal Accountability of Fashion Companies for their Textile Supply Chains’

Special Tribunal for Lebanon, The Hague, Conference of the German Working Group on International Criminal Law, 12 Mai 2014

‘Current developments in International Criminal Law – Proceedings before the ECCC’

New York University, Madrid Campus, 25. April 2014

‘CSR in Europe – Holding Corporations Accountable?’

Harvard Law School, Conference on  „Legacy of International Courts and Tribunals“, 26 February 2013

‘Legal Parameters of Victims’ Participation’

Escola Superior da Magistratura de Paraíba, Symposium on „Restorative Justice“, 5 June 2012, João Pessoa, BR

‘A integração da vítima nos processos penais internacionais: Declínio do paradigma retributivo na justiça internacional?’